Luke Discovery Study Kit

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Luke Discovery Study Kit 

Are you looking to start a Bible study on your campus? The Luke Discovery Study Kit contains everything you need to start a Bible study on your campus.  

Here’s what’s inside: 

  • Discovery Guide (1 Guide): This 8-week inductive Bible study guide is designed to equip you as the leader to feel confident leading before, during and after your small group with coaching prompts built into each week.  
  • Scripture Handouts (10 Handouts per Study): Help your fellow small group members avoid the printer and focus on their friends! Each study includes 10 Scripture handouts for everyone to engage.  
  • Call to Faith Response Cards (10 Cards): Make your small group missional! Every Discovery Study includes a call to faith built into one of the studies so that everyone has an opportunity to respond to Jesus each study.  
  • Pens (10 Pens): Every kit includes 10 InterVarsity branded pens.  
  • Bookmarks (10 Bookmarks): Every kit includes 10 InterVarsity Bible Study Bookmarks
  • Leader Thank You Card (1 Card): Thank ministry partners, alumni, and other people who have supported your ministry and helped develop these materials! 

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This resource is part of the Discovery Studies collection , resources to equip you with everything you need to lead your community deeply into God's word through a series of inductive Bible study guides. Click here to access other Discovery Studies .  

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