Doug Schaupp

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Rev. Doug Schaupp serves as the National Director of Evangelism for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA.

A writer and teacher, he focuses on the alignment of the gospel and racial reconciliation, postmodern evangelism, and leadership development. He and his wife have served in both Korean-American, and African-American church contexts. He is based in Los Angeles and graduated from Fuller Seminary. He is a coauthor of Being WhiteI Once Was Lost, and Breaking the Huddle. Breaking the Huddle is Outreach Magazine's "outreach resource of the year" (2018).

He is a father of three, and has coached all of their soccer teams. Doug's personal goal is to play ultimate-frisbee 3 times a week. Find Doug on Twitter @dougschaupp

Content created by this author:

Art panels describing Bible scenes in Luke
All of us live with labels. In this 4-week exploratory Bible study series in Luke, we explore the burdens we carry and how Jesus looks under the surface of our lives and uncovers the person beneath the labels.
Faking it Insta-proxe
Skeptics and seekers love our invitation to be more real. No one wants to be fake. Use this Instagram resource to invite others into a radically honest and authentic community..
group of students sitting in a common area together
Inviting your friends to follow Jesus is the one of the most significant things you can do to see decisions of faith on your campus. Use this resource to help you explain the gospel and invite a response.
blue face mask with a smiling emoji and text I'm faking it
Our non-Christian friends don’t need us to have all the answers, but they do need us to be real with them. This 4-week God-Investigation Group (GIG) series allows us to explore Jesus and be more real about our needs with one another.