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This stunning depiction of Creator (God) helps us to re-imagine faith in Jesus, or Creator Sets Free. Our Native-influenced Gospel Allegory is both majestic and convicting. We stumble through the brokenness of our world’s “deserts” and we soar with hope from Living Water. 

Experience the journey for yourself, and get ready to bring this Good News to campus.

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“I love the message behind this and I really like how the earth changes such as our lives when Jesus enters and walks with us during hard times.” - Seeker

This interactive art display is perfect for engaging the hearts and imaginations of students on your campus. 

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RefreshShort Film 

This newly released short-film (3 min) from Native American Christians tells the story of Creator God from their perspective. Experience the powerful metaphors of sand and water which describe how Creator relates to us and our world. Watch the film and start a conversation with skeptics and seekers on your campus.

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RefreshDiscussion Series 

Engage skeptics, seekers and Christians with the epic Good News of Jesus. Use our Premiere to launch your four-week Bible study series in the Gospel of John.

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Terry Wildman

Terry Wildman

(Ojibwe and Yaqui)

Author and Theologian @TerryMWildman

Courtland Hopkins

Courtland Hopkins

Sicangu Lakota

Area Ministries Director - Four Corners

Ceidric Platero

Ceidric Platero


Campus Staff Minister - New Mexico

Megan Krischke

Megan Krischke 

Wyandotte and Cherokee

National Director of Native Ministries

Ilove the use of allegory because it makes the Good News tangible. “Sin” is a hard concept to grasp, but drinking sand is visceral. 

The Evangelism team centered Native ministers to offer our unique experience as Native Followers of Jesus. We are honored to offer this gift to the larger Christian community.

The goal of my life is to labor until I see the day when Native communities find it laughable that Jesus was once dismissed as “the white man’s god.” May Creator use this film to move us toward that big dream, and toward serving every Tribal College across the country.

Support Native Staff and Students 

Native Students have the opportunity to attend a life-changing conference created specifically for them. Would Jesus Eat Frybread (WJEF) is a weekend for Native Students to gather and experience what it means to be both Christian and Native.

You have two opportunities to support the Native Staff and Students who brought you this beautiful allegory:

- Send students to WJEF. If you use the Refresh Proxe on campus, the Evangelism department will donate a $50 scholarship on behalf of your chapter. Just tag us (@loveandcourage.iv) in a picture of you hosting the Refresh proxe on your campus.

- You may give additional scholarship support by clicking the button below.

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