Black Campus Ministries

Developing Extraordinary Black Christian Leaders

Black Campus Ministries (BCM) is committed to reaching and equipping Black students and faculty at majority institutions and historically Black colleges/universities nationwide. We minister to the unique needs of the community and labor to develop extraordinary Black Christian leaders and world changers. Through our growing campus ministries, global and urban missions' engagement, thoughtful pursuit of God through academic fields of study and research, we hope to see the name of Christ spread and exalted and a generation of leaders developed.


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Black Campus Ministries
Embodied Faith Banner
The Embodied Faith Wheel (EFW) articulates the DNA of Black Campus Ministries as we seek to plant, build and grow Embodied Faith Communities of Black students.
Hero Study: the Life of Peter banner
The Hero resource was developed specifically for Black Student Ministry and engages the social identity of black people and its contrast/comparison to our true identity given by God. Available in booklet or digital format.