Native InterVarsity

The vision of Native InterVarsity is to create communities where Native students can follow Jesus while honoring their cultures and families.
We are passionately committed to inviting Native and Indigenous peoples of every tribe and nation to explore this by: 

  • pursuing culturally-sensitive group dynamics, and promoting Native ways of knowing, understanding and applying sacred knowledge to our lives.
  • worshipping in lecture halls and dorms, but also on the tops of mountains and by the seas — prophetically declaring God’s love and healing power for all people.
  • singing songs in Hawaiian, Tongan, Navajo, Wyandotte, Kiowa, Yupik, and other languages.
  • praying in Native languages and styles — incorporating Native American and indigenous prayer practices.
  • spending time with Scripture — incorporating Native storytelling styles as we study the Bible.

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Native InterVarsity
Ho‘olohe Pono Listening and Discussion Guide banner
This guide was created to help us listen as we explore how the themes from Hoʻolohe Pono can be used as a tool for growing in cross-cultural competency. It is to be used with the Hoʻolohe Pono video which profiles Intervarsity’s immersion project into the Hawaiian community.