10 Tips to Strengthen Group Conversations

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10 Tips to Strengthen Group Conversations 

A major element of being a small group leader is facilitating good conversations.  In these conversations, people bond as a group, process Scripture, and discuss thoughts and actions.  This guide will give you ideas on how to keep discussions moving.  Remember, it’s a good idea to change things up occasionally, instead of going around in a circle every time. 

These 10 tips include:  

  1. Think, Pair, Share 
  2. Journal Time 
  3. Go Around the Circle 
  4. Choose Next 
  5. I’ll Go First 
  6. Speaking Stick 
  7. Let’s hear from Everybody 
  8. Be Cool with Quiet 
  9. Sticky Notes 
  10. Consider Internal and External Processors 

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This resource is part of a free online course in The Ministry Playbook, “Facilitating Great Discussions” which is designed to help new small group leaders see what a life-changing, thriving small group can be. Learn more and take the course here.   

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