Coaching Circles: Equipping Others

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Jesus teaches his disciples in community. He does very little 1-to-1 ministry.

For the 12, being Jesus’ disciples means living in a “learning community” pretty much all the time. We too can practice “learning community” together, in which everyone has something to offer, and everyone is getting better at a skill or value.


One very practical way to experience learning community is through coaching circles

Coaching circles will help us learn together in a community of staff and students the skills we need in ministry. It allows everyone to bring their natural talents and spiritual gifts and offer them to the community. Coaching circles are just as effective on zoom as in person, allowing us to equip, encourage, and mobilize others to minister well in this season.


This short article has 3 parts:

  1. Breaking down a coaching circle into its components.
  2. Seeing a coaching circle in action at Haskell Indian Nations University and the impact it had.
  3. Reading a sample coaching circle that you can lead with your leaders.

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