Mixed Ministry Resource Collection

Finding Mixed Identity in the Community of God

What does it look like for those of us from multiethnic backgrounds (family backgrounds from two or more cultures or ethnicities) to bring our full selves into our ministry? And what does it look like for those of us from monoethnic backgrounds to support our multiethnic brothers and sisters?

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What are you? Finding mixed identity
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Some of us are multiethnic with a “white and—” ethnic story. What does it mean to have this complicated family history? What does it mean to reject the harms of whiteness without losing a part of ourselves? Use these reflections to ask these questions and explore the “Mixed and white” experience.
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With her mixed multiethnic and multicultural background, Chandra Crane has keenly felt the otherness of never quite fitting in. Join her as she interviews guests, has lively and honest discussions and helps us to find out how a mixed identity can be a blessing.
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In thinking about mixed ethnic identity, what does it mean to be a “mixed blessing?” Use these two reflections (alone or in groups) to ask this question and sit at the feet of our Brown, multiethnic, Middle Eastern/North African savior, listening to what he has to say about how we have been made for good.