Diverse Worship Matters Workbook

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Diverse Worship Matters Workbook

What would it look like if the worship in our communities more closely reflected the heavenly worship of Revelation 7, where every tribe, nation, and tongue gathered before the throne of God?

Diverse Worship Matters is an interactive workbook to help your ministry see the value of diverse worship and to offer practical tools and training experiences to put it into practice.

Designed with both musicians and non-musicians in mind, this workbook can be used in a variety of contexts: worship teams, leadership teams, large group planning teams, and even small groups.


What's included in this workbook

  • 24 Discipleship Cycles (interactive activities) around topics such as ethnic identity cross-cultural competency, hospitality, evangelism, evangelism, and more
  • 3 group devotionals and ice breaker activities Chord charts and lyrics for diverse worship songs
  • Diverse worship artist and song recommendations
  • Sample plans for 8, 12, and 16-week team meetings and group studies

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