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Introduction: God's Heart

God has a huge heart for us and our campus. Jesus tells a story in Luke 15 of a shepherd who loves his sheep so much he is willing to go to any length to connect with even one lost sheep. Let’s prepare our hearts and ask Jesus to fill us with that kind of love. We will watch a few videos and respond in prayer for us and our campuses. 

Part 1: Grow our hearts for God's lost sheep

Set Up the Video

We are about to see a video of Chloe, who experiences God’s love for the very first time in her life at her first InterVarsity event.  As you watch the video, think about your friends. Do you know anyone like Chloe? 

Process & Pray

People like her are one invitation away from experiencing the love of God.

  • Discuss: What do you like about Chloe’s story?
  • Reflect: Are our hearts big enough to reach people like Chloe? Do we see them? Or are we intimidated by them? 
  • Pray: Jesus, open my eyes to people like Chloe. Give me your heart for non-Christians on my campus. Help us see, invite and welcome students like her.

Part 2: We are transformed as we do outreach

Set Up the Video

Kennedy used to hide Jesus from Chloe, even though they were housemates. She didn’t want to offend Chloe. Until one day, as Kennedy took steps to be a courageous witness, and she was changed. As you watch this video think about yourself and other InterVarsity members. How might you be transformed like Kennedy through outreach this fall? 

Process & Pray

This was as transformational for Kennedy as it was for Chloe. We need outreach just as much as our non-Christian friends do. 

  • Discuss: What do you like about Kennedy’s story? Where was Kennedy brave? Describe how she stepped into the God moment.
  • Pray: Jesus, help me to see how you are at work in my non-Christian friends’ lives. Take my fears and my blinders. I confess that I’m afraid of offending people. I like it when people like me. I want to be as transformed and brave as Kennedy. Today and during NSO, help us invite “unlikely” people to check out Jesus with us. We want increased faith to expect more from God.

Part 3: Open our hearts for future world changers

Set Up the Video

Hear from the President of InterVarsity, Tom Lin. Just like Chloe was transformed when Kennedy invited her to InterVarsity, Tom’s life was also transformed by good invitations during his first few weeks of school. We can see from Tom’s story that this was just the beginning. 

Process & Pray

As we prepare for new students, keep in mind how God used NSO to transform our president and eventually mold him into a world changer.  

  • Discuss: What do you like about Tom’s story? What did the InterVarsity students do well in reaching out to Tom? What does Tom mean by people like him “bonding” during the first few weeks of school? 
  • Pray: Jesus, help us welcome students like Tom. Give us wisdom as we intentionally plan our NSO. Bless our faithful follow up. Help us bond with new students.  

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