The ONSO Bootcamp Collection (Fall 2020)

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Editor's note: This collection was created in Fall 2020, as series of trainings to help campus ministry leaders lead effective Online New Student Outreach (ONSO) as campuses moved online during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Is your university moving online? Are you wondering how you are going to do campus ministry this year? If so, then the Online New Student Outreach (ONSO) Bootcamp collection is just for you!

This collection contains extensive training and resources from InterVarsity campus staff ministers and student leaders to help you minister online as our campuses go through a global pandemic. In this collection, you will find:

  • Full session and Q&A recordings
  • Slide decks
  • Handouts
  • Tools 
  • Helpful Links

Pick and choose whichever sessions are best for you. And feel free to share anything in this collection.


Part 1: What is Online New Student Outreach?

What is Online New Student Outreach (ONSO) and why does it matter? Get an overview of what ONSO is, why it matters, and the five ONSO systems you can build to accelerate online ministry this year.


Part 2: How to Lead “At Large” Online Groups

This session of the ONSO Bootcamp provides tips on leveraging Zoom to create interactive transformative experiences. You'll also get overviews on two strategic pathways for “at large” online groups: the “Ignite” pathway with a focus on evangelism and the “Start Something New” pathway with a focus on starting InterVarsity.


Part 3: How to Leverage an Instagram Profile

This session will train you to create and maximize your ministry Instagram profile to build credibility and connection.


Part 4: How to Build Websites and Landing Pages 

Do you need help creating beautiful, compelling landing pages or websites for your ministry? This session and some of the simple tools we'll introduce can help!


Part 5: How to Automate Follow-Up Communication

This session provides training in how to create automated Mailchimp follow-up communication, which enables rapid engagement with new contacts.


Part 6: How to Facilitate Online Outreach

This session overviews some of our key ONSO marketing resources and models one example of “scrappy” online outreach using Instagram.

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