Urbana 22 Small Group Leader's Guides

A small group at Urbana laying hands around a student in prayer

Urbana 22 Small Group Leader's Guides

At Urbana 22, thousands of students gathered together to study the book of Acts. And now we've made these studies available to anyone who wants a three-session inductive Bible study experience, along with a call to faith.

The Leader's Guides here will help you lead all three small group times. As you prepare to lead, read through each one and familiarize yourself with it. As you lead, you're free to read most of it out loud, straight from the guide, skipping over any specific references to the conference. 

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Study 1: Acts 3:1-10

View Study 1 (pdf)

Study 2: Acts 8:26-40 & Invitation to Faith

View Study 2 (pdf)

Study 3: Acts 9:36-43

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