10 Ways to Reveal God's Love on Campus

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  Tips for Using this List 

  • Use it as an application to a Bible study (like John 2:1-11, John 13:1-20, Acts 2:42-47, etc.) 
  • Prepare to give an explanation for why you’re doing this. If you do any of these things on campus, people will likely have questions about why and they’ll probably form their own conclusions. So, be prepared to give an explanation. You’re not taking out trash just because you’re nice people; you’re doing this because Jesus loves the campus, and you want to demonstrate that love! 
  • Debrief the experience as a group. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn together afterwards.   

10 Ways to Reveal God's Love on Campus

  1. Go up and down dorm halls with large trash bags, offering to take out people’s trash for them. This will not only serve your dorm, it will serve the cleaning staff as well! 
  2. Write thank you cards/gifts for custodians and other service workers on campus. 
  3. Give away goodie bags outside the library during midterms/finals. 
  4. Run a “Stress Relief Booth.” Offer hot tea, cookies, give away stress balls, etc. Partner with a local animal shelter to bring puppies to hold. Offer to pray for people! 
  5. Quarter ministry: Sit in the laundry room and pay for people’s laundry. Play board games while you wait and invite others to join. 
  6. Blanket, towel, and toiletry drive for local homeless shelter. Go door to door on campus or in the community collecting. Invite people to join you. 
  7. Find out what good causes other student organizations are involved with. Offer to partner and help them. 
  8. Visit the International Student Office and find out how you can serve students in practical ways throughout the year. 
  9. What’s Your Story? Host a free pizza lunch in a public area (like the student union or food court). Introduce yourselves and invite people to share an experience they’ve had that has shaped their life. Listening is a great way to love people. 
  10. Give a Day Away: Invite friends to join you in spending a Saturday serving others in your city – perhaps through an agency that works with volunteers.  At the end, have dinner together and talk about what you learned. 

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