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The Big Story is a gospel presentation tool designed to lead others to make a decision for Jesus Christ and join his mission to heal the world.  

Used across the US and the world, in elite academic institutions to rural and urban communities living in poverty, the Big Story speaks to a global awareness of the brokenness and sin in our world, and it points to the hope and redemption that we all long for. Thousands have come to follow Jesus because the gospel was presented to them in this way. 


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The Big Story Diagram 

diagram of 4 circles to present the gospel. 1. Designed for Good; 2. Damaged by Evil; 3. Restored for Better; 4. Sent Together to Heal


Want to learn how to share the Big Story with others? 

Use the Small Group Invitation to Faith Resource or take this free, 45-minute course in the Ministry Playbook.

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