Building Your Own Bible Study (Ministry Playbook)

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Building Your Own Bible Study

There are many great ways to study the Bible.

This Library is filled with dozens of great tested guides that are ready for small group use on a variety topics! You can even check out our friends at Intervarsity press for literally hundreds of Bible study guides.  

But we also believe that one of the most powerful ways of studying God’s Word is to simply build your own Bible study from scratch.  

Here’s how you do it: simply focus on a passage of Scripture, don’t bring any particular agenda, and let the Word of God speak for itself.  

We call this an InterVarsity-Style Inductive Bible Study and for decades, students and faculty have been leading this method of scripture study to help their friends meet God and be transformed by God’s word. 

Want to learn how to build your own Bible study?

Take this free 60-minute course in the Ministry Playbook and you’ll learn: 

  • What an InterVarsity-Style Inductive Bible study is 
  • How to begin studying Scripture inductively for yourself and with others 
  • Prepare to lead an inductive Bible study for your small group or community 

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This resource has been tested and approved by InterVarsity’s National Strategy & Innovation team for campus ministry. Explore more resources by visiting the Accelerated Small Group Bible Study Collection.


Note: This course is hosted by The Ministry Playbook, which is an online learning space for students, interns, new staff, volunteers, and faculty, meant to offer the basics of campus ministry to anyone who feels called to it. This course is part of the Leading Life-Changing Small Groups bundle in the Playbook. In order to take the course, you will need to create an account with The Ministry Playbook.

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