Facilitating Great Discussions (Ministry Playbook)

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Facilitating Great Discussions

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A crucial part of being a small group leader is leading discussions—on everything from Scripture to where to go eat as a group. This course will equip you to lead discussions where people learn to listen and go deep together.

Learning Objectives

We’ll demystify the steps and factors that make awesome group discussions possible, and we’ll equip you to facilitate them. This course will consider discussions of all kinds, including Bible study.

  • Recognize the significance of quality small group discussions
  • Gain the skills and tools needed to facilitate great group conversations

  • Establish a plan for growing as a discussion leader

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Note: This course is hosted by The Ministry Playbook, which is an online learning space for students, interns, new staff, volunteers, and faculty, meant to offer the basics of campus ministry to anyone who feels called to it. This course is part of the Leading Life-Changing Small Groups bundle in the Playbook. In order to take the course, you will need to create an account with The Ministry Playbook.

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