Going Deeper: The Conflict in Israel and Palestine

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Going Deeper: The Conflict in Israel and Palestine

Approaching Conflict as Peacemakers

Jesus invites us as his followers to be peacemakers in our families, neighborhoods, cities, and global community. Jesus himself blesses peacemakers and says that “they will be called children of God” (Matthew 5:9 NIV).  Peacemaking is a deliberate posture toward all of life that shapes how Christians engage, and peacemaking in time of conflict begins with seeing the dignity and image of God in everyone around us. Before drawing conclusions or taking action, it is essential as peacemakers to go deeper by immersing ourselves in the conflict. This document provides resources to help you go deeper in your understanding of peacemaking and this current conflict. 

Note: The aim of this document is to approach conflict and other challenging issues theologically and from the posture of peacemaking. The resources below are not presented as InterVarsity’s endorsement of any viewpoints but as opportunities for you to grow as a peacemaker who thinks theologically. InterVarsity does not advocate partisan stands on political issues.

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Learning About Peacemaking

Understanding History and Theology

Exploring Political Prospects for Peace

  • Is Peace Still Possible? Website with resources to help understand the four main areas that must
    be addressed to reach political peace: Borders, Security, Jerusalem, and Refugees.

Engaging with Peacemaking Organizations

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This resource was produced by Theological Formation and Scripture Engagement, March 2024.

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