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Launch the Community

For weeks you’ve been meeting new students and starting spiritual conversations. You’ve gathered students to encounter Jesus and experience loving community. There’s a lot to celebrate! Hosting a Launch Gathering is all about celebrating what God has done and calling the community into a vision of growth. It’s a catalytic event that can help carry the momentum of the New Student Outreach season forward into the rest of the semester.


Prepare for your Launch Gathering as a community Small group icon

Take the next two weeks to prepare to host your Launch Gathering. In the first week students will write out their own simple stories of faith as they prepare to testify to what God has done. In the second week you’ll make an invitation plan and will plan the actual Launch Gathering event.


Launch Gathering Guide: Week 1 View Week 1 Guide

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Launch gathering Guide: Week 2 View Week 1 Guide

Launch Gathering Week 2 Page 1


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