Mobilize Students With the Call to Mission Bible Study

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Empower students into their networks 

When we meet new students on campus, we don’t just want to recruit them to join our club, we want to help them encounter Jesus and empower them into their network of relationships! The Call to Mission Bible study can help you do just that.  

This short Bible study and discussion guide on Matthew 9:35-38 will help you and other interested students discern God's invitation and think through your connections on campus. 

Ways you can use this resource: 

  • Keep it in your back pocket while doing outreach on campus. If you meet any interested students then invite them into a deeper conversation about calling and mission right then and there.  
  • Use it as a follow-up discussion guide as you have 1 on 1 follow-up conversations with new students. 
  • Study it with your small group to help the group discern how God might be inviting you all to join him in mission. 

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Note: This resource is part of a larger collection of resources called “Start Something New” that equips students to start revival movements on campuses with no ongoing Christian ministry. Learn more and explore the whole toolkit here.


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Accelerated  Resource

This resource has been tested and approved by InterVarsity’s National Strategy & Innovation team for campus ministry. Explore more resources by visiting the Accelerated Small Group Leadership Collection.


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