Network Mapping for Online or In-Person Settings

Network Mapping for Online or Hybrid Settings (busy walkway in background)

Network mapping is a powerful ministry tool that invites us to consider the people we’re connected to, how God might already be at work, and what steps of faith we might be called to make. This three-step guide will help you discern what God is doing in your networks, whether in online or in-person settings. It was designed with international students in mind but can be adapted to other contexts as well. 

Step 1: Brainstorm 

Who are the internationals you already know? Write their names in the circles. Use the ideas as a checklist to remind you of your network. 


  • Social Media contacts 

  • Games or other activities 

  • Discussion forums 


  • Signed up for chapter 

  • Friends going to different campus in US 

  • Friends of friends 

  • Scholarship program 

Campus Life 

  • International center 

  • Student clubs 

  • Dorm/apartment 

  • Class, lab, team 

  • Job/internship 

  • Cafeteria 

  • Bus/subway stop 

  • Church 

Step 2: Pray 

  1. Ask God to identify key people he wants you to invest in or to fill the empty circles with relationships. 

  1. Prayerfully create your action plan (See CONNECT below for ideas.) Put it in your calendar! 

  1. What are potential barriers to your next steps? Take 10 min to pray over your plan and through these barriers. 

  1. Invite someone to pray for you and your friends. 

Step 3: Connect 

In light of everything going on, internationals will appreciate you reaching out even if you haven’t talked to them in a while! 

  1. Think of 2-3 ways you can grow your relationship with key friends. 

  1. Here are some questions you can ask to express your care and to connect: 

    • How are you doing emotionally? 

    • What are your top concerns for yourself, your family, and country? 

    • How can I pray for you? Is there any way I can help? 

    • I’ve been struggling with ____, too. Do you mind me sharing what’s been helpful for me? 

* If you know any students who will be just arriving in the U.S., offer to answer questions or be a tour guide. 


View Student Network Map as PDF


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