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Gen Z is intrigued by Jesus as he enters the “deserts” of our lives and offers us beauty and harmony. When we bring Good News with stunning art, their curiosity grows, and students want to have conversations with us. The Refresh series offers beautiful artwork that brings to life the story of Jesus in ways never before seen or heard. Our Native-inspired animated short film begins with Creator, moves through our deserts, and ends with Jesus offering us delicious living water.

Kennedy (rising senior at Occidental College) says: “Refresh creates conversations connecting art, Jesus and our Native-influenced Allegory. The conversation never stops flowing!

As you will see below, this series includes a Campus Premiere of our short film, four dynamic Bible studies, and an invitation to faith.

We pray that Refresh may help your community grow closer together and deeper in Christ.



Small Group Series

Start the Bible Studies

Each Bible Study from John includes:

- Scripture with discussion questions
- Personal application questions
- Spiritual Practices (Kennedy’s favorite part!)


Campus Premiere

Host a Campus Premiere 

The Campus Premiere includes:

- A 3-minute short film
- Film clips with discussion questions designed to help listeners ask, “What are the authors trying to communicate about Creator?” 
- A compelling invitation to join your small group series (see below)



Reading the First Nations Version


In our Bible Study series, you have a choice of which version of the Gospel of John to use. You might prefer the NIV (New International Version), which is one of the most popular in the U.S. Or you might love the First Nations Version, which translates the concepts of the Gospels into Native American idioms and metaphors. Check them both out, and pick the one that works best in your context (see Bible Study series below).



Using the Short Film in a Campus Premiere

We have a powerful way for you to engage your campus with the love of Jesus. This Premiere can work in any size group, from your Small Group all the way up to a gathering of hundreds of Skeptics, Seekers and Christians. 

Here are two different ways to host the Premiere:

As a Small Group

Hosting the Premiere in the context of your Small Group can be just as impactful as watching it on campus in a theater or large lecture hall. Invite all kinds of Christians, skeptics, and seekers to join you. 

Try inviting like this, “I host (or attend) a weekly discussion group that takes an honest look at the person of Jesus. We are hosting a special one-week event where we are listening to Native American Christians tell the story of Creator from their perspective using metaphors. I would love for you to be a part of our discussion, and I think your perspective and questions would help us grow. Can you come on ___ at _____?” 

At the end of the watch party and discussion, invite everyone to come back for four weeks to take a closer look at Jesus. 

As a Campus-Wide Premiere

At this campus-wide event, encourage everyone in InterVarsity to go big and invite all their Skeptic, Seeker and Christian friends.

Try this invitation: “InterVarsity is hosting a special event where we are watching a newly released short-film of Native American Christians telling the story of Creator from their perspective and using metaphors. I would love for you to be a part of our discussion, and I think your perspective and questions would help us grow. Can you come on ___ at _____?” 

At the event: 

  • Make the environment as welcoming as possible by offering yummy snacks and other fun touches. Your emcee can host the event from up front, breaking them into smaller discussion groups, followed by open-mic comments about each part of the short film.  
  • Invite everyone to sign up to join your next 4 weeks of Small Groups to explore Jesus together. Use a contact card to have people sign up. Have small group leaders stay behind to get follow up assignments from the contact cards. 


Refresh Home - Campus Conversations - Week 1 - Week 2 - Week 3 - Week 4

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