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This 1-hour watch party will help your campus look at Jesus in a refreshing new way, learning from 3 Native Christians and how they view Creator.


Introduce the Video

Please have your Emcee use this script: 

Welcome! We are so glad you are here. We are going to learn from 3 Native Christians and their perspective on faith. 

There are many misperceptions about Jesus and faith. Some people think Jesus was white. That is not true. He was Middle Eastern. 

We are going to show you a perspective of Jesus that most of us have never considered: a Native view of Jesus.


Watch the 3 Minute Short Film

Watch the Short Film

After the film, gather everyone into conversation groups of 3. The Emcee should ask these questions: 

  • Please introduce yourselves.
  • What was your favorite scene?
  • What surprised you about the Native interpretation of Jesus’ story? 

After the discussion, you can use this script to transition: 

Now, let’s go back and look at the film more carefully. This time, what are they trying to communicate and what feelings are they trying to invoke?


Discuss Each Section

In each of these sections, watch the video segment together and then have the emcee ask the main question. If needed, you can go deeper and choose an optional question.

Watch Each Section


Part 1 - 0:00 - 0:35

Describe how the authors view Creator and how Creator set up the world.


Optional Questions:

  • Water: What is the significance of water in this part of the film? 
  • Walking with Creator: What is the impact of including this detail of walking with Creator?
  • Feelings: What feelings does this opening section of the film invoke in you?  


Part 2 - 0:35 - 1:28

What are the authors trying to communicate with the metaphor of drinking sand?  


Optional Questions:

  • These authors have witnessed a lot of destruction in our world. What are they communicating about humanity? 
  • What feelings does this section of the film invoke in you?


Part 3 - 1:29 - 2:24

Describe the authors’ depiction of Jesus, Creator Sets Free. 


Optional Questions

  • What do you find beautiful about this depiction of Jesus? 
  • How is this similar or different to views of Jesus that you have seen in the past? 
  • What feelings does this section of the film invoke in you? 


Part 4 - 2:25 - end

They end the film on a theme of hope. What feelings does this evoke for you?


Optional Questions:

  • Which of their images of healing stick with you the most?
  • What is one question about Jesus, faith, or Native culture that arises from this film? 


Invite to Small Group

Read this invitation:

It’s important for us to hear from Native christians and allow our picture of Jesus to be expanded.

Please join us for the next 4 weeks where we will have an opportunity to read from a Native translation of the bible that uses idioms and metaphors to give us a fresh view of Jesus.

We have picked four of our favorite stories of Jesus. Next week is water into wine. You don’t want to miss this party! 


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Prepare to Host a Premiere

Most students who have seen this short film have been intrigued by this view of Jesus. However, in an open forum, any number of possible concerns or questions might get voiced.

Please read our leaders training for some tips on how to effectively addresses some of these concerns. Here are examples of common questions that might pop up: 

  • This is cultural appropriation!” 
  • “What about intersectionality?” 
  • “You are cheapening the Gospel!” 
  • “Do you think this is a Biblical picture of Jesus?” 
  • “This is just Critical Race Theory.” 


Best Practices:

Be wise and intriguing. You should think carefully about your context and how you would like to respond to possible curve balls.  A thoughtful response can keep the conversation going.

Don’t be defensive. “Thank you for that excellent question.” If you are at a loss for words, “I don’t know the answer to that question. Could we please talk about this later?”


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