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Is it cultural appropriation to use a Native allegory in a non-Native context?

Cultural Appropriation happens when cultural icons, symbols, and language are used without permission, with little respect for the people/people groups of origin, and/or for financial or social profit of the appropriator.

The Refresh proxe was co-created with Native InterVarsity staff and theologians during our weekly meetings over many months. They gave input into each piece of art and every line of the script, explaining how  best to represent native art, story-telling, and the gospel message. We see this story and message as a gift that Native Christians have given for all students to share with their friends around the country.

Is this just for Native Americans?

No, this proxe has been compelling for students of many ethnic backgrounds. The authors co-created Refresh with the express purpose of having it used widely in many different contexts.

What’s the triangle that features on Creator, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit symbolize?

The video team considered many shapes to symbolize the Trinity throughout the video. A triangle was chosen because it represents the Trinity and because it has meaning in many Native tribes. A triangle may symbolize a teepee, home or family. It may also represent the feeling of family or belonging in the tribe.


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