Refresh Small Group Series - Week 1



 Refresh Small Group Series

Week 1: John 2:1-11

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Read John 2:1-11 (First Nations Version)

Jesus Turns Water to Wine

1 Three days later there was a wedding in Village of Reeds (Cana), in the territory of Circle of Nations (Galilee). Bitter Tears (Mary), the mother of Creator Sets Free (Jesus), was there. 2 Creator Sets Free (Jesus) and the ones who walked the road with him were invited as guests to the wedding. 



3 During the celebration, they ran out of wine. [This would have been a great embarrassment to the groom and his family.] So the mother of Creator Sets Free (Jesus) said to him, “Son, they have no more wine.”  

4 “Honored woman, he said to her. “Why are you telling me? Is this our concern? It is not yet my time to show who I am.”  5 But his mother turned to the helpers and said, “Do whatever he says.” [They looked to him and waited for his instructions.]

6 There were six traditional stone water pots, used for purification ceremonies, that could hold large amounts of water.  7-8 “Fill them to the top,” Creator Sets Free (Jesus) told them, “and take some to the headman of the feast.” They filled the pots until they could hold no more and did what he said. 

9-10 The water had turned into wine. The headman did not know where it had come from, but the helpers who were serving the wine knew. The headman took a drink and called to the groom, “Everyone serves the best wine first, and after the guests have had enough to drink, they bring out the watered-down wine. But even though you served good wine at first, you have saved the best wine for last.” 

11 This was the first of the signs through which Creator Sets Free (Jesus) displayed his power. When his new followers saw this, their trust in him grew stronger. 


Discuss Together  



In their culture, hospitality was a top value. It would be a great dishonor to run out of food or wine.

  1. A pool full of top-notch wine is more than enough for this wedding. Why do you think Jesus makes so much? And why such excellent wine? What does this reveal about Jesus and his generosity?
  2. Turning water into wine is probably the last thing you would expect from someone like Jesus. Interestingly, it caused the disciples to put their trust in him. Why do you think they responded this way? 
  3. They likely had new questions about Jesus as a result. What questions do you have about faith or Jesus?

Take a Next Step

In this story, Jesus responds generously to a moment of scarcity. Where in your life are you “running out of wine” or feeling empty? We are going to invite Jesus into the places where we feel like we are running out. 



Please try both of these spiritual practices together in your group:



Sit in a comfortable position, and breathe slowly. Scan your body from the top of your head to your toes. Where do you feel any tightness or pain? As you name that place, say, “Welcome, Jesus, welcome,” and let any tension go. Breathe deeply. Release. Then think of any issues in your life that you would like to share with Jesus. Name the issues and say, “Welcome, Jesus, welcome.” (*Borrowed from ‘Spiritual Disciplines Handbook’ by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun)

Spiritual Practice #2: Throwing a Party Together 

As we saw in the video, when we follow Jesus, our joy overflows to others. A great place to share joy is at a party. Let’s be like Jesus and throw a party for our friends and acquaintances on campus and extend Jesus’ hospitality for others. You can get ideas for your party in our “Top 10 ways to make your ministry more fun” article. Each of us can help make this party better! 



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