Self-Care Outreach Bible Studies

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True Rest, Joy, and Peace

Our campuses are desperate for self-care. This four-session series will invite your community—Christians and seekers alike—to explore their level of self-care (body, soul, relationships), and consider Jesus’ invitation for true rest, joy, and peace found in him.

Each study contains:

  • guided Scripture passage
  • reflection questions
  • life application
  • spiritual practices
  • self-care personal diagnostic

We pray that these studies may lead your community deeper together and deeper in Christ.

Study Overview


Session 1: A Healing Touch

Mark 1:40-42

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Session 2: She Becomes a Daughter

Mark 5:25-34

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Session 3: “Just Go Away!”

Mark 6:31-43

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Session 4: Stuck in a Rut

John 5:2-9

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More Resources


gray icon emotional intelligence

Self-Care Worksheet

This sheet invites the participant to rate their quality of self-care (through bodies, relationships, and soul) and then share honestly with the group.

gray icon evangelism

5 Stages

This sheet goes through each stage of a spiritual journey (trust, curious, open, seeking, and following) and asks: Which best describes you?

gray icon conversion

Self Assessment

This sheet frames self-care through the four circles paradigm and ends with an invitation: How interested are you in walking with Jesus?


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