Self-Care Outreach Insta-Proxe (online)

graphic of people in a lawn doing stretching and yoga - two are on a mat and one in a wheelchair

This resource is part of the Self-Care Outreach Collection.

This resource takes some of the timely messages of the Self Care Outreach Proxe* and translates them for Instagram. Empower your community to share Jesus’ invitation of rest, joy and peace with our Instagram story package, full leaders notes, and other resources.

Screenshot of a gallery of Instagram story posts using the Self-Care proxe

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*A proxe is a set of large, interactive visual displays meant to start spiritual conversations on campus (with passers-by, both strangers and friends). The term proxe is a made-up word that we use for interactive art displays that lead to the Gospel. In the last year, we’ve created Insta-Proxes, which brings these fun spiritual conversations online.
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