What if I Hate Instagram? (and Other Instagram Outreach FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions about Instagram Outreach.


What if I hate Instagram?

That's ok! As much as the platform has been used in self-glorifying and promotional ways, there is a real opportunity to be a voice of authenticity, hope, and truth.

What might a “no” look like on IG?

In person, people say "no" or stop responding. We then discern whether or not their lack of response is a true no, or just a lack of interest at the time with what we’re offering.

On Instagram, a "no" looks like not following you or your Chapter Account. We should understand any other "no" as a lack of interest at the time and feel free to follow up on interactions with our posts or instaproxes <link> with invitations.

What do you do about gender dynamics with DM’s?

Use the chapter account like you would an on-campus NSO table to approach strangers and tell them about InterVarsity.

Then, as student leaders are following up directly, you can choose how you wish to divide up students. You can choose to have men and women followed up by a leader of the same gender, or simply swap out leaders if a problem arises.

What is the flow of interaction from online stranger to new member?

Just like in-person contacts meet us at tables or events, and eventually become regular attenders, online contacts follow a similar pipeline.

At first, your chapter account follows a student. Then, you DM students who follow you back using your chapter account. Students that fill out a contact card will then get a personal message and invitation from a small group leader.

What is the staff role with IG, and what is the student role?

Staff and student leaders should work together to follow and message students. Up to five people can be logged into the chapter account at one time. It is important for staff to equip students to do great engagement from the chapter account and follow up from their personal accounts or via DM or text. Students should take interested contacts from the chapter account and connect personally.

But it also doesn't mean you have to do everything.

You can empower others to do the regular posting, following, and messaging. Even if you aren’t the one actually on Instagram you can also get involved by coaching others on good communication and tracking the progress. You can also be aware of those in your ministry who are engaging online and help move them from online engagement with the chapter account to witness with real people and events.

What other questions do you have about Instagram outreach?

If you have a question you'd like us to consider for a future post, email us at jamie.ladipo@intervarsity.org with the subject line: "Instagram Outreach Questions" 

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