Communal Evangelism Toolkit Collection

The Gift of Communal Evangelism

In Acts 2, an entire community witnesses together in the power of the Holy Spirit. They eat, live life, and worship God together, and God adds to their number daily. Your chapter and small group can also see God add to your community as you follow Jesus and do life together, prioritizing relationships and belonging alongside discipleship and outreach.

In fact, many Asian American students come to know Jesus because they are welcomed into a community that genuinely loves them and loves Jesus. This is the gift of Asian American communities for evangelism.

What is Communal Evangelism?

Communal evangelism refers to the practice of sharing and living out the Gospel in and through the community. The community leans into the gifts of hospitality and relationships to invite people to follow Jesus with them. It recognizes that many Asian Americans follow a journey of Belong – Engage – Commit or “BEC” when they start following Jesus, where belonging sets the foundation for engaging spiritually and committing to faith. In communal evangelism, every part of the community can contribute to the mission.

students standing in a prayer circle on a field

Why do this on your campus?

  1. To embody God’s hospitality to campus by leaning into Asian American gifts of hospitality, community, and relationship.
  2. To value and empower many gifts within the community for evangelism.
  3. To appreciate the importance of “social” gatherings for outreach (they are missional!).
  4. To honor and hold people’s stories and journeys with genuine care as a community.
  5. To partner with the Holy Spirit and experience the joy of seeing God move in your community.

Who should use this toolkit?

While this toolkit was developed by InterVarsity’s Asian American Ministries with Asian American contexts in mind, we think that the principles of communal evangelism can apply to many different cultures and contexts. And because of the diversity within the Asian American community, we often encourage our staff, students, and faculty to contextualize these resources for their own particular situations. So if you find these resources helpful, please feel free to use them and to tweak and contextualize as you go.

The Toolkit

The communal evangelism toolkit has four pieces of training that are based on the BEC Community Map, so we recommend starting with the BEC Community Map and then proceed through the rest of the training below.

friends talking at a lunch table
Follow up is walking with people in our community through keeping in touch and checking in with people that we meet. This resource highlights tips and ideas for follow up that are both individual and communal.
students chatting in between classes
Someone reached out to you and invited you to belong. Now we have the chance to be those hospitable people to new and returning students. This resource will help you grow in intentionality and hospitality and embody God’s heart of welcome to others by making invitations as a community. Part of the Communal Evangelism Toolkit.
Teaching a lesson to a group of students outside
This 1-hour Bible study and training will help you step into your role as a host in communal evangelism. A host invites, journeys with, and follows up as they make space for more to Belong, Engage, and Commit in community.