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Use every opportunity to develop leaders

Everything you do on campus with InterVarsity is an opportunity to empower students! Coach new students to join you in starting spiritual conversations using the Exploring Faith quiz. Invite them to help you host your small group: inviting their friends, bringing food, and leading parts of the conversation. Help them network map their connections on campus and empower them to start their own Bible study!

Here are a few practical activities and skills you can use to equip and empower students as apprentices on campus:


Having a spiritual conversation.

Use the script and the Exploring Faith Quiz card to train them on how to start a spiritual conversation. Then set up a role play where they approach you and lead a conversation through the quiz.

View Faith Journey Quiz


Exploring their network  

Use the Call to Mission Tool to help them explore their network of relationships and hear from Jesus about what he’s doing. Help them think about corners of campus where they spend time. Guide them in listening to prayer to see what Jesus is inviting them to do. Make sure they identify a next step to take! 

View Call to Mission tool

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Inviting a friend to InterVarsity.

Use the Making Compelling Invitations guide to train them on inviting and then help them pick one friend to invite this week. Set up a role play where they practice inviting a friend to the next Bible Study or social event. 

View Making Compelling Invitations


Telling a personal story during Bible study.

Using the Leaders Guide for your next Encounter with Jesus, pick one of the suggested stories from Step 4. Help them think of a personal story from their own life and write an outline for a short 1-2 minute story. Set up a role play where they practice sharing their story during the Bible study. 

View Encounters with Jesus Series


Leading an Encounter with Jesus.

Use the Encounter with Jesus Bible study and the Leaders Guide to train them how to lead the Encounter with Jesus. Set up a role play where they lead the application section of one of the Encounters with you.  

View Encounters with Jesus Series


Making an invitation to faith. 

Use the Big Story Handout to train them how to share the gospel and make an invitation to faith. Then set up a role play where they practice sharing the big story with you. Coach with encouraging feedback and specific adjustments to make. 

View Small Group Invitation to Faith

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