Encounters with Jesus Apprenticeship Guide

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Encounters with Jesus Apprenticeship Guide

This supplemental guide will help you empower an apprentice as you pass off more and more leadership over the course of the 5-week Encounters with Jesus series.

It follows a simple apprenticeship process:
  1. I do, you watch, we talk
  2. I do, you help, we talk
  3. You do, I help, we talk
  4. You do, I watch, we talk
  5. You do, someone else watches

Each week you model great leadership, give your apprentice opportunities to take greater and greater risks, and debrief to help them learn and apply what they’re seeing. The final week sets them up to invite another student to be apprenticed and the whole process begins again!

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The five-stage apprenticeship process was adapted from “Exponential: How You and Your Friends Can Start a Missional Church Movement” by Dave and Jon Ferguson

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