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Our world is frustratingly divided. But can we build bridges together while recognizing real differences? Yes!  


Peace Feasts are an opportunity for Muslims and Christians to come together by sharing a delicious meal and having a real conversation about the things we care about. It’s not a formal dialogue, nor a place to argue. It’s a time to share from the heart, listen respectfully, and gain new friends. That’s a recipe to change the world! 


Peace Feasts are happening on campuses across the country. Here’s what students are saying: 

  • “It was pretty obvious that we didn’t know each other’s faiths that well! This was a great chance to change that.” 
  • “It’s an opportunity to learn our religions’ similarities and differences. In that way, we can find sisterhood and brotherhood, and peace.” 
  • “It was very rewarding! I learned a lot and I found new friends. 
  • “Everyone’s asking if we can do this again next month!” 

If you are willing to share a meal, you can be a peacemaker on campus. This guide has everything you need to plan your Peace Feast! Share it with a Muslim friend as you prepare together.

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