Stepping into Small Group Leadership (Ministry Playbook)

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Stepping into Small Group Leadership

Saying yes to leading a small group is a risk. But it’s also an adventure, and this course will help you take the first step! As you lead, you’ll discover a life-giving community and growing love for Scripture.

Learning Objectives

Small groups—when done right with a firm foundation of biblical truth and relational trust—can be life-changing! we hope that this course will help you see what an awesome, transformational gift leading a small group can be for others and you.

  • Understand the key functions of a thriving small group
  • Catch the vision for leading life-changing small groups
  • Learn the skills and steps needed to run an ongoing small group

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Course Quicksheet

This is a quick summary of the material that you can use as a preview of the course or as a refresher once you've taken it!

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Note: This course is hosted by The Ministry Playbook, which is an online learning space for students, interns, new staff, volunteers, and faculty, meant to offer the basics of campus ministry to anyone who feels called to it. This course is part of the Leading Life-Changing Small Groups bundle in the Playbook. In order to take the course, you will need to create an account with The Ministry Playbook.

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