“Two Ates” Pocket Proxe

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“Two Ates” (Sisters) Pocket Proxe

This Pocket Proxe features a beautiful re-imagining of Luke 10 in a Pilipino context to start spiritual conversations with Pilipino students on campus. Please use this resource to start Pilipino small groups and communities, or use the gift of this contextualized resource to reach students of all ethnicities on your campus.



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The training PPT includes:  

  • Artist’s Statement
  • Cultural Imagery Key
  • Blessing by Melissa Casiano-Sebastian, National PAIV Coordinator
  • Proxe Script


About the Artist

Maggie Waldmyer is a Filipina-American artist, designer, and InterVarsity alumna from Wisconsin. Maggie has helped non-profits, churches, and entrepreneurs see their creative and innovative ideas come to life to see communities thrive. Her intuitive imagination combined with her embodied global experiences of people, stories, and spaces lend themselves to her artistic vision. You can find her in her natural habitat wrapped in blankets with a fresh cup of tea, playing video games, and extrovert-ing with good friends and mentors. View more of Maggie’s work at mwaldmyerdesign.com or find her on Instagram @mwaldmyer.  



What if I am not Pilipino American, or don’t serve PAIV students?

While we long to see every Pilipino American student taste and see Jesus in a refreshing and compelling way, we also believe that everyone can benefit from seeing Jesus through other cultures. Please watch the Blessing video in the training PPT for more!


How do I Print?

Download the Proxe PDF. Send it to your favorite print shop and ask them to print a half sheet on cardstock.

What is a Pocket Proxe?

A Proxe is a set of large, interactive visual displays meant to start spiritual conversations on campus (with passers-by, both strangers and friends). The term Proxe is a made-up word that we use for interactive art displays that lead to the Gospel. This portable “Pocket” Proxe allows you to have spiritual conversations anywhere: cafe, after class, in the dorm, at work, your small group, you name it.  


What do I do after the pocket proxe?

Email Melissa at melissa.casiano@intervarsity.org to connect & learn more. 

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