“Have You Eaten Yet?” Campaign

What is the Campaign?

Have You Eaten Yet? or HYEY is a new student outreach campaign to reach Asian American students on campus through social media, events, and community. The question,

“Have you eaten yet?”

is an expression of acknowledgment and care for another. It’s also an invitation for Asian Americans to belong to your community.

Our hope is to empower our chapters to ask this question to their campuses as followers of Jesus to engage students in discovering the healing and new meaning that can come from asking and understanding, "Have you eaten yet?"

Graphic of a bowl of ramen and text reading Have you Eaten Yet?

Who Should use this Campaign?

While this campaign was designed by Asian American students and staff for an Asian American context, we think that these materials can be used in many different contexts. Feel free to contextualize these materials to your community!

Through this campaign, our vision is to see students across our Asian American chapters build trust with each other as they engage with this initial question, "Have you eaten yet?" This question will serve as an invitation to exploring the intersection of ethnicity and faith while considering the deeper implications of what it means to eat, individually and communally.

The HYEY campaign is an opportunity to build trust and create authentic conversations with each other. Explore how this question can impact your campus through your chapter or small group’s hospitality as your community strives to be a reflection of God’s hospitality on campus.

Campaign Overview

The HYEY campaign has four main components, including a small group Bible study series, swag collection, lunch break series, and proxe outreach series. Browse each below. 

A graphic featuring sketches of delicious foods from across diverse Asian communities.
Lunch break is an open space for community building, deeper conversations, and storytelling through food. It is a fun way to casually get to know people through a meal and intentional conversation. Build trust and relationship by inviting someone new and exploring the conversation topics below. Part of the "Have You Eaten Yet?" Campaign.
photo of Have You Eaten Yet Postcards
The “Have You Eaten Yet?” Campaign invites us to reflect on our food, hospitality, and authentic community. Learn more about some of the fun HYEY-themed swag (buttons, cards, stickers, and more!) so you can give them away at tabling events, in care packages or goodie bags.
HYEY Graphic small group series with passages
The "Have You Eaten Yet?" Small Group Series is designed for small groups to read and share about their stories and experiences. The small group series will explore God’s hospitality in Scripture and reflect on what that means for themselves and their campus.