“Have You Eaten Yet?” Lunch Break Community Builder

A graphic featuring sketches of delicious foods from across diverse Asian communities.

What is Lunch Break?

Lunch break is an open space for community building, deeper conversations, and storytelling through food. It is a fun way to casually get to know people through a meal and intentional conversation. Build trust and relationships by inviting someone new and exploring the conversation topics below.

Why Do This on Your Campus?

Lunch is quick, easy, and non-intimidating! Being invited to a meal communicates hospitality and creates a sense of belonging.

  1. Invite 1-3 people to have lunch with you. Either provide food or ask people to bring their own lunch.
  2. Talk about food!
  3. Explore food conversation topics below.

Conversation Topics

Favorite Family Dish
  • What is a favorite family dish?
  • What type of family traditions did you grow up with?
  • How does your family express care through food?
Asian Fusion Food
  • What is an Asian fusion dish you’ve enjoyed or want to try?
  • What is a fusion you never would have expected?
  • What are two unexpected things that came together in your life this year?
Staple Foods
  • What is a staple food you ate routinely growing up?
  • Where have you found this food around campus?
  • How have you found people or a space on campus that’s comfortable or familiar?

Full Instructions

View Lunch Break Instructions (pdf)

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About this Resource

Have you eaten yet

This resource is part of the “Have You Eaten Yet?” (HYEY) Campaign, a new student outreach campaign to reach Asian American students on campus through social media, events, food, and community.

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