“Have You Eaten Yet?” Small Group Series

HYEY Graphic small group series with passages

Small-Group Series

The Have you eaten yet? small group series is designed for small groups to read and share about their stories and experiences. The questions will prompt the group to talk about their experiences in relation to the Scripture stories. Our hope is that Asian American students will develop deeper relationships with God and others in a way that is familiar to them and gain a renewed sense of belonging and hospitality in the kingdom of God.  

Each guide includes:

  • Introduction and warm-up question for the Asian American experience.
  • Context summary to help understand the Scripture.
  • Discussion questions for the passages.
  • Summary of the passage in relation to God’s hospitality.
  • Gleaning and growing questions that will help the group share and listen to each other’s stories.
  • Check out questions.

You are encouraged to go through these guides in the order below. Each guide builds upon the concept of God’s hospitality. Be sure to look at the User guide for best ways to plan and engage your small group in this series.


User Guide

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1. Story Sharing

Describe your story and learn more about each other's experiences.

View Story Sharing (docx)

View Story Sharing (pdf)


2. Isaiah 25 & 55

Explore what God’s hospitality looks like for the Israelites.

View Isaiah 25 & 55 (pdf)

View Isaiah 25 & 55 (docx)


3. Luke 14

Discover how God’s hospitality invites everyone to the table.

View Luke 14 (docx)

View Luke 14 (pdf)


4. Acts 2

Participate in creating belonging in your community.

View Acts 2 (docx)

View Acts 2 (pdf)


5. John 2

View John 2 (docx)

View John 2 (pdf)


6. Mark 6

View Mark 6 (docx)

View Mark 6 (pdf)


7. Mark 2

View Mark 2 (docx)

View Mark 2 (pdf)


8. Reflection

View Reflection (docx)

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About this Resource

Have you eaten yet

This resource is part of the “Have You Eaten Yet?” (HYEY) Campaign, a new student outreach campaign to reach Asian American students on campus through social media, events, food, and community.

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