“Have You Eaten Yet?” Graphics and Proxe Pack

A graphic featuring sketches of delicious foods from across diverse Asian communities.

Our Code for Showing Care

In our Asian American community and families, we often get asked the question:

“Have you eaten yet?”

It’s a friendly way of checking in with someone or creating opportunities to ask deeper follow-up questions, but it could also potentially limit the scope of conversation if we just accept it literally.

Through this campaign, our vision is to see students across our Asian American chapters build trust with each other as they engage with this initial question, have you eaten yet? This question will serve as an invitation to exploring the intersection of ethnicity and faith while considering the deeper implications of what it means to eat, individually and communally.

We hope that the various graphics and promotional materials in this campaign can help you creatively engage your campuses well and warmly invite people into a deep, rich, hospitable community.


Graphic Pack Contents


1. HYEY Logos and Graphics

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2. Instagram Story Proxes (Downloadable and Customizable)

There are three different Instagram Story proxes that are informational and engaging. Each Instagram story graphic folder will have:

  1. A set of downloadable JPEG files, ready to post
  2. A PowerPoint to customize your own JPEG files

Curious about how to use an Instagram Proxe? Check out this guide. 

"Have You Eaten Yet?" Proxe

Instagram Story Proxes

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Jesus Cares for Us Proxe

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Receiving Love Proxe

View "Receiving Love" Proxe

3. Additional Social Media Templates

Social media Templates

Tons more graphics and templates to use including Facebook banners, IG stories, posts, announcements, events, Zoom title cards, and more! View instructions below.

  1. Download the social media templates file folder.
  2. Open up the PowerPoint file. The first few slides are the instructions on how to customize your own image slides and export them.
  3. Post your Graphic: Follow the instructions to upload the JPEG files to your social media platform! 

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About the Designer

Selina Ngyuen

Selina Ngyuen is a Seattle-based visual designer that seeks to create charming, delightful design solutions that inspire and empower people. Exercising her creativity to positively influence the things and people involved in what she's most passionate about. She was also a part of the Asian American InterVarsity chapter at the University of Washington during her time in college.

About this Resource

Have you eaten yet

This resource is part of the “Have You Eaten Yet?” (HYEY) Campaign, a new student outreach campaign to reach Asian American students on campus through social media, events, food, and community.

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