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God & Business Bible Study 

Does God care about what we do for our jobs? What sort of work do we hope our college degree will prepare us for? This series of small groups explore these questions. Let’s talk about how we integrate our beliefs about God or religious faith into our potential careers. Christianity suggests that the mission of God is to renew and reconcile all things. That means all things matter, and all jobs matter. All studies begin with a conversation starter and most include a video. Then we’ll study and discuss a passage of scripture and action steps. 


All Studies 

Study 1: Genesis 1:1-2:4

Study 2: Luke 5:1-11

Study 3: Luke 7:35-50

Study 4: Matthew 20:1-16

Study 5: Genesis 11:1-9

Study 6: Exodus 20:8-11

Study 7: Luke 19:1-10

Study 8: Acts 19:23-41



Study 1 (Genesis 1:1-2:4) 

We begin by asking the basic question of what work has to do with God. Ground rules for having a good small group are laid and those who don’t share the Christian faith are encouraged to participate with their insights. Finally, a look at the creation story from the book of Genesis opens the discussion of God and work. 

See Week 1 Study (pdf)


Study 2 (Luke 5:1-11) 

What career do you hope to enter after you graduate? What might it look like to say “yes” to God within that career? Jesus calls a few fishermen to follow him and gives us some things to think about as we approach our careers. 

See Week 2 Study (pdf)


Study 3 (Luke 7:35-50) 

What does Jesus see in people that are often rejected by others? How does this shape how we might see those who are marginalized? This study looks through a wide-angle lens on the question of God and vocation and then explores what it might mean to center those at the margins in our careers. 

See Week 3 Study (pdf)


Study 4 (Matthew 20:1-16) 

Does business fuel inequity? In this study, the first to really focus on the field of business, we begin by asking how business does or does not feed income disparity or injustice. 

See Week 4 Study (pdf)


Study 5 (Genesis 11:1-9) 

What does the exchange of goods and resources have to do with God or with God’s plans for the world? Does God care about business? A short video and a look at the story of the Tower of Babel provides fodder for disucssion. 

See Week 5 Study (pdf)


Study 6 (Exodus 20:8-11) 

Rest is central to how we approach our work. Sabbath was a central Jewish practice, not just for humans but for the land. In today’s frenetic business world, is there room to weave patterns of rest into our business models? 

See Week 6 Study (pdf)


Study 7 (Luke 19:1-10) 

Can business expand the flourishing of people and our world? Human flourishing is an important concept as we consider what God intends for us and our planet. How might this happen through the world of business. Let’s explore a story of Jesus having lunch at the home of a wealthy tax collector.  

See Week 7 Study (pdf)


Study 8 (Acts 19:23-41) 

A career in business has its ups and downs. Hear some reflections from those in the business world about what’s hard and what’s exciting about that world and then look at an event where the gospel upsets the economic apple cart in the book of Acts. 

See Week 8 Study (pdf)


Stories of Integrating Faith and Work

This study includes powerful stories of Christians living out their faith in their careers. Below you can find all the videos referenced in this series.  

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