Instagram Kit – Create your Instagram Account

Instagram Kit – Create your Instagram Account

If you haven't created your Instagram account for your chapter, we have a short tutorial to get you running. The example tutorial is for International Student Ministries but can be applied for any ministry chapter.  

Step 1

Download the Instagram App
Choose "Sign Up"
Decide what email account to link it to (you will need to verify your account through this email


Step 2

  • ADD NAME: This is the name your group is known by on campus
  • Include your campus abbreviation
  • Create a password: consider you might be giving this info to student leaders or volunteers who help run the account


Step 3

  • Add birthday: this can be any random day before 2002 (users must be 13 years old)
  • Create user name: include your campus and group acronym
  • Students should immediately be able to tell you are a group on their campus by the username




  • If you have a lot of student connections on Facebook, consider linking your account, but keep in mind whoever has access to this chapter account will also have access to share Instagram posts on your Facebook page
  • DO NOT CONNECT VIA PHONE CONTACTS. This accesses your personal contact book on your phone and isn't secure for students from many countries.





  • Click on bottom right circle with picture to go to your profile page
  • Click "edit profile"
  • Add your website link if you have one
  • Write a short bio about your group. Think one-sentence vision cast.
  • Switch to a professional account, then select "business". You may then choose to list your group as a non-profit or religious organization.

Creating an Insta Account (pdf)

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