Justice Dialogues (A Faith on Campus Discussion Series)

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Integrating Faith and Practice in the Academy  

As we think about integrating our faith and our practice in the Academy and beyond, we may find ourselves with many questions surrounding Biblical justice. Join us as we talk with faculty members from a variety of disciplines and campuses to discuss important and weighty topics, but with mutual respect and desire for partnership. 

Pursuing justice is a lifelong journey. We will not always agree with everything we hear, but we are following Jesus when we ask these questions. Dialogue leads to growth, and we are glad you are here to join the conversation. 


Use the study guide individually or as a group to digest the dialogues. 

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Episode 1 Summary   

In episode 1, we have a conversation with Dr. Keith Elder (Provost and Executive Vice President, Mississippi College) and Dr. Santa Ono (President and Vice-Chancellor, University of British Columbia) about issues such as research, policing, stewarding privilege, community building, and how to pursue Jesus through all of it. 



Episode 2 Summary 

In episode 2, we talk with Professor Lingshan Song (Assistant Director of the Writing Center, Mississippi College) and Professor Ashley Krason (Coordinator of the Academic Foundations Program, Mississippi College) about what it means to be a “stranger and sojourner in the land,” how to advocate for others, how to pursue rest well, and how justice should shape our entire worldview.  



Episode 3 Summary 

In episode 3, we dialogue with Dr. Andra Gillespie (Director of the James Weldon Johnson Institute for the Study of Race and Difference) and Dr. Kyle Beardsley (Deputy Director of the Triangle Institute of Security Studies) about the importance of individual repentance as well as the necessity of structural change, healthy spiritual disciplines, speaking the truth firmly and in love, and how mutual respect is a critical part of pursuing Biblical justice. 


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