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Prepare Together

A group of lit candles on the ground in an otherwise dark room.
Before we plan barbecues and welcome tables to meet new students & faculty, we have a great opportunity to spiritually prepare for New Student Outreach. This guide will help as you gather your ministry partners to pray for your campuses.

Engage the Campus

group of students sitting in a common area together
Inviting your friends to follow Jesus is the one of the most significant things you can do to see decisions of faith on your campus. Use this resource to help you explain the gospel and invite a response.
Graphic of people in a park, a couple people doing yoga, a couple walking with a kite, and another two sitting on a bench smiling and drinking coffee.
Our campuses are desperate for self-care. This four-session series will invite your community - Christians and seekers alike - to explore their level of self-care (body, soul, relationships), and consider Jesus’ invitation for true rest, joy, and peace found in him.
Person in front of room leading a meeting with sticky notes on the wall.
A back-to-school retreat allows returning InterVarsity students to reconnect with one another, re-center in our purpose on campus, re-ignite our hearts for building witnessing communities. This resource will help you lead a retreat to prepare students to welcome new students.
Graphic woman in foregrand sitting reading a book, with the sun rising in the middle, and background man riding a bike
A collection of interactive visual displays that are designed to spark spiritual conversations on the important topic of self-care and offer Jesus’ invitation of rest, joy, and peace. Included you’ll find full instructions, leaders guide, and training on how to set up and lead this proxe.
A diverse group of friends sitting on a bench on a sunny day
A practical guide to the four components of excellent follow up: 1) Jesus-centered hospitality; 2) Face-to-Face connection; 3) Two more times of connection; 4) Web a community.
Three people walking and chatting
In this series of short videos, Los Angeles Ministry Director Sam Rizk shares why follow-up is critical for ministry, what makes good follow up, and how to move forward with great follow-ups.

Grow the Movement

Returning to campus, hugging in reunion
As your ministry prepares to return to campus (whether online or hybrid), help your community process the grief from the past season and long for God's hope and renewal with these two Bible studies (Psalm 42, Isaiah 55), complete with leaders guide and printable manuscript.
Neon sign saying "small group garage" with a outline person checking the hood of a car
Small Groups are amazing places of community and witness to the gospel, but sometimes they can get a little stuck. Small Group Garage is a communal tool that helps you hear from God and take a practical next step to help your small group thrive as a witnessing community.

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